Over the past few months, we’ve reported on numerous claims that Nintendo is preparing to launch new hardware in the near future. Some of these reports have contradicted each other on key details, but they’re largely in agreement that Nintendo has a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch planned for 2019. According to the latest scoop, this time from Bloomberg, the alleged Switch Lite is coming even sooner than previously thought.

In a Bloomberg article detailing
Nintendo’s recent stock surge (triggered primarily by the news that Nintendo plans to release Switch in China) and its impact on short sellers, the rumored cheaper Switch model was discussed. Bloomberg noted that they have two sources confirming its existence, and they went on to say that one of those sources provided them with a release window of late June.

Although not officially confirmed, Switch Lite is one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry. It almost certainly exists, but which report contains the correct details? Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei
issued their own report just last week, but their sources report a Fall release window rather than June. Other reports have settled on a vaguer “2019” window. There has also been confusion over whether or not this device will be able to dock and play on a TV. Bloomberg did not comment on this contested detail, but they did state that they are unaware of any plans for a more powerful Switch model.

This rumored “Pro” model has been circulating in tandem with the “Lite” rumors, but Nikkei believes it’s actually the next generation of Switch (rather than a half-generation step) and that it’s only in the very early stages of experimenting. Others have claimed that it’s a Pro model launching in 2019, and Bloomberg doesn’t believe it exists at all. E3 can’t come fast enough!

Source: Bloomberg

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