UPDATE: Boss Revenge Mode has now been fully funded. No further stretch goals have been revealed.

Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has broken its final, $5,000,000 stretch goal for a roguelike mode with less than a day left on its clock, and just when you thought it was over, Iga threw in one last goal. At $5,500,000, the game will add Boss Revenge mode to its long list of now available features and modes, which will allow players to take control of the game’s bosses and go through special boss dungeons and defeat heroes. This also means all previous tiers, including prequel titles on handheld, have been unlocked.

The Kickstarter page has added an update congratulating the achievement.

Everything is charred in the basement—you may have been a little too enthusiastic with the flamethrower. Hot embers crackle beneath your boots where the wooden floor still glows. Waving your Glove of Jesting around to clear the air, it becomes clear that the rest of the floor is stone. You’re standing on a trap door.

At least, you were. Now you’re falling through it.

You have been so overzealous in your pursuit of stretch goals that you’re now poised to take revenge… on our dauntless heroes. At $5.5 million you have the opportunity to unlock Boss Revenge Mode:

  • Control several different bosses
  • Utilize their special attacks to wreak havok
  • Explore a new BOSS REVENGE area
  • Turn the tables and defeat “Hero” Bosses in your pursuit of humanity’s destruction

The team also added another achievement tier for reaching 60 achievements (59 have been reached already), which will unlock a “pure” costume for Mirriam, showing her appearance before the events of the game itself.

Four hours are left in the campaign. Will it reach its final goals? Only time will tell.

Source: Kickstarter

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