When you played Bloodborne, weren’t you just thinking to yourself the whole time, “Man, this is great, but, like, why isn’t it a card game?” No? Well, here we are anyway. Game designer Eric Lang of CoolMiniOrNot Games is turning Bloodborne into a “simple but highly deep and interactive card game,” and, despite the absurdity of a high-speed, twitchy action-RPG being turned into a tactical card game, it honestly sounds pretty damn cool.

Formerly codenamed “Project Dream,” the licensed card game is cleverly based around Bloodborne‘s procedurally generated chalice dungeons and consists essentially of “risk management with a bit of groupthink [and] inventory.” Lang’s played (and died many times in) the PlayStation 4 title, and he says his goal with the card game is “to channel the intensity and frustration of the video game into a contest between players.” He expects a given round of the card game to last not but an intense thirty minutes.

This announcement comes via Twitter. Look below to see some tweets and the awesome box art.

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