Blizzard, so far, has had no intentions of adding another class to Hearthstone, but there will be a new hero added. The Inkeeper’s Tale explains to us the moment a large, unknown stranger enters the tavern. They teased a silhouette portrait of the new character, now revealed as Magni Bronzebeard, who will be an alternative warrior hero.

“An imposing, broad-shouldered figure lingered at the door. Patrons squinted, their eyes adjusting to the light as they tried to make out the newcomer. Hesitation brought with it a mild tension as for a brief moment, no one moved or spoke.

“The innkeeper’s warm, hearty laugh echoed throughout the common room as he gestured the newcomer inside, breaking the sudden silence. The patrons laughed along with his infectious guffaw. Mugs were hefted high, and cries of challenge were shouted, clamoring to be heard.”
— Innkeeper

Alternate heroes will have special animations within their hero portrait, along with a unique card back. There is no date as to when Magni will be available to crush your enemies, but we know for sure he’ll be $9.99 USD in the store. Will you be buying this new warrior to play as? Tell us in the comments below!

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