Just the other day at Expo Japan, Junichi Masuda introduced a new Pokémon, Honedge. However, he also discussed his time in France, and how the country has influenced the newest entries.

The Kalos region, the home for the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y story, is inspired by France.

It has been suspected for some time now that this was the case. He says that the theme of the game is beauty, and France came to mind; additionally, “Kalos comes from the ancient Greek word meaning beauty.” Masuda visited the country in 2000, 2010, and again in 2011 for a “proper research tour.” Lumiose City, which is central to the region, is based on the City of Light, Paris.

He notes that they also incorporated elements of Lyon, Reims, and even the Carnac stones in Brittany. He explains that members of the French team helped along the way. However, Masuda is quick to state that it is a completely new region, and not an exact replica of France. It’s also interesting to note that the name of the new Pokémon-Amie is taken from French, mon ami(e) meaning, “my friend.” Let us know your thoughts on the new region below.

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