Fallout 76‘s release has been rocky. Reviews haven’t been kind to the game, saying that it’s underdeveloped, sterile, and far too buggy—even by Bethesda standards. Bethesda has been doing damage control since the game’s release, but one certain mishap got them in a lot of hot water. Those who preordered the special Power Armor Edition were promised, among other things, a special Fallout-themed canvas bag. What they got was a nylon sack.

While the other extras, such as the Power Armor Helmet, came as advertised, the carrying case was specifically stated to be a “canvas West Tek duffel bag.” Naturally, this unannounced change could have been cause for a lawsuit. The Power Armor Edition was almost $200, meaning that its contents should have been worth that price tag. Bethesda stated that, while they had planned to include a canvas bag, they had to switch to nylon due to “unavailability of materials” and “[t]he bag shown in the media was a prototype and was too expensive to make.” Originally, to make up for this, Bethesda offered players 500 Atoms, which is about $5 worth of in-game currency. Naturally, people were upset by this, since sturdy canvas bags aren’t just worth $5 more than nylon sacks.

The public outcry was loud enough that Bethesda has now decided to create replacement bags similar to the ones originally advertised. Those who ordered Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition and received the nylon bag can go to Bethesda Support and submit a ticket to get a replacement bag. Players only have until January 31 to reach out to Bethesda, though, so if you ordered the Power Armor Edition and want your promised canvas bag, act quickly.

Source: Polygon

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