The first new playable character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via the Fighters Pass DLC is set to arrive any day now. Ren Amamiya of Persona 5, better known by his Phantom Thieves of Hearts alias “Joker,” infiltrated the theatre hosting The Game Awards last year with the show-stopping reveal that he would debut in Ultimate as Challenger #1 of the season pass. Now it looks like that long-awaited time might be right around the corner.

Straight from electronics retailer Best Buy, their weekly flyer for March 31 to April 6 came with an ad for the Fighters Pass, featuring a never-before-seen render of the illustrious Joker himself, featured below.

We have yet to see the new fighter in action aside from a backshot tease from the February Nintendo Direct. We do know that Version 3.0 is being touted as the ”
ULTIMATE Spring Update,” with new content being added; it stands to reason that this update will tie in with Joker’s addition. And if the weekly ad is any indication, this update is coming really soon. Whether it will follow a possible Smash Bros. Direct for a more in-depth look prior to its release is yet to be seen.

Aside from this render leak — assuming it’s real — Nintendo has been tight-lipped about the future of
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though dataminers have looked into the game’s files and have discovered some interesting tidbits. It has been uncovered which stage pulled from Persona 5 will likely be released with Joker, as well as the possible return of Homerun Contest and Stage Builder as extra game modes. One thing’s for certain: Joker is bringing a ton of goodies with him once he starts stealing the show in Smash, and hopefully that occasion will come with an early look at the Fighters Pass Challenger #2.

In related news, last week’s premiere of the
Persona 5: The Animation OVA “Stars and Ours” ended with a tease of a possible definitive edition of Joker’s home game, titled Persona 5: The Royal. More information on the PlayStation 4 title, which features a new character, is expected to drop following the Persona Live Concert on April 24.

Source: Best Buy

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