For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Persona 5 and Metroid Prime Trilogy are coming to Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has confirmed neither. However, Best Buy may have just let the cat out of the bag. Although they are not yet listed on the official website, both games now appear in Best Buy’s database. More surprisingly, so does The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Persona 5 makes sense on Switch, given Joker’s inclusion in Smash, and Game Informer Imran Khan has claimed in the past that Metroid Prime Trilogy is complete and ready to launch, but Nintendo delayed their initial release plans after rebooting Metroid Prime 4‘s development. It makes sense that A Link to the Past and other SNES games will eventually come to Switch via some sort of Virtual Console replacement or expansion of Nintendo Switch Online’s library, but why is it listed as a retail launch at Best Buy?

If you’re wondering if this is somehow a mistake and the listing is meant to say Link’s Awakening, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The remake of Link’s Awakening was already listed in Best Buy’s system, so this is a new entry altogether.

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