During EA’s press conference today, DICE developers revealed more information about the upcoming title Battlefield V. A new Battle Royale mode, the absence of loot boxes, and customizable soldiers and weapons are just the tip of the iceberg of what was revealed.

Battlefield V brings some new, exciting environment destruction options to the franchise. Soldiers can dive and smash through windows to maneuver around the battlefield and surprise foes. You can also bring some more strategy to your gameplay by moving weapons around the battlefield. Soldier, weapon and vehicle customization will be present. Perhaps the biggest news, however, is that there are no loot boxes or premium passes for the game.

The devs also took a moment to discuss various modes for the title. War Stories are a the returning single-player mode from Battlefield 1, and they chose to highlight “Nordys War Story,” which should be getting more information at tomorrow’s Xbox press conference. A Battle Royale mode was also teased, which will feature destructive environments, team play, vehicles, and other aspects of the genre reimagined to fit Battlefield. More info will be coming later this year.

Finally, we received a first look at the multiplayer with ground operations and some fantastic music during the presentation. You can see some of that in the gameplay trailer above!

Source: EA Play 2018

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