With Final Fantasy XV recently released and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age hopefully on the horizon, it may be some time before we see anything on the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. This has not stopped Square Enix and Play Arts Kai from developing new figures for both Cloud and Barret based on their revamped designs in the upcoming Action RPG remake. Both figures are expected to hit stores this April and will retail at 15,984 yen, or just about $139.

According to both promotional images and their individual AmiAmi store pages, Cloud will come with his iconic buster sword and six optional hands that appear to allow for all sorts of great posing; meanwhile, Barret will come with only one optional hand. Both figures also come with a Play Arts Kai stand.

The kits seem a little light on accessories compared to other Play Arts Kai products, especially when they are retailing at the premium price of $139 compared to their usual $120 – $130 price point (for most of their figures, anyway). There are still a few more months until the actual launch date, so it is possible more information and accessories will be revealed at a later time.

Are you excited for either of these action figures? Would you rather just have Final Fantasy VII Remake instead? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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