Claire Lara
Claire is a retro gamer who likes to laugh at the industry and post articles with silly pictures. She currently spends most of her time sharing memes on her lunch breaks at work. One day she hopes to have the best Super Nintendo collection, but until then, she will just have to sit here and write articles for a gaming website, as well as writing a profile description in the third person. But that's about to change, however, as suddenly... I start writing in the first person! Le gaspe, what a twist! I write the occasional game editorial and review, as well as short stories.

The Curse of the Triple Dip

Hello everyone. My name is Claire, and I’m a gameaholic. I’m one week sober. My backlog is over eight-hundred and fifty now, while ...

The Retron5 Is Alive!

Hyperkin’s latest conglomerate console, the Retron5, was delayed from its initial release several times in 2013—starting with a delay from its initial launch ...

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