The Persona franchise has done very well for itself over the years, garnering a huge fanbase and great sales in spite of the massive amount of time between entries. Nine years passed between the releases of Persona 4 and 5, but the P Studio team managed to keep their series in the public’s eye, in no small part because of several well-received Persona 4 spinoff titles, such as the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax fighter game or the rhythm title Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Well, get ready, Persona fans, because if a group of recently-discovered domain names are any indication, Persona 5 may very well be getting that same treatment.

Spotted by the keen eye of Twitter user
Mystic Distance, domains were recently registered by Atlus for and, which matches up with abbreviations used in Japan for Persona 4‘s spinoffs—namely, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is often referred to as “P4U,” while Dancing All Night is usually shortened to “P4D.” The possibility exists that new Arena and Dancing games featuring the Persona 5 cast could be in the planning or production stages at Atlus, and while this certainly doesn’t confirm anything, it’s enough to get plenty of fans excited.

Those aren’t the only domains Atlus grabbed hold of, either—other registrations include,,,,, and Of course, as stated earlier, none of this confirms any of these potential games are actually in production; it’s entirely possible that Atlus just wanted to grab up these URL to ensure no one else could take them, or to prepare for titles in the distant future. Even so, I’m sure many gamers are holding out hope that we’ll be seeing
Persona 5 spinoffs sometime soon.

Would you be excited to get new games featuring the Phantom Thieves? Or do you think these are in reference to something completely different? Let us know below!

Source: Mystic Distance (via Polygon)

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