Nintendo opened Smash Bros. character suggestions to the public some time ago, and shortly thereafter Phil Spencer tweeted a bombshell that made Banjo-Kazooie fans nearly wet their pants in delight: he agreed that it “would be cool” if the characters joined Smash, and they have “no issues” working with Nintendo on Rare IP.

Nintendo fans have been pushing for some dream scenario in which Banjo and Kazooie could return to the Nintendo ecosystem in some way, and Smash Bros. is of course the easiest and most natural solution—Sakurai’s done a fantastic job reviving classic incarnations of characters like Mega Man, the Ice Climbers, and the Duck Hunt stars in the past, and Banjo-Kazooie‘s combat feels like it was practically made to work with Smash.

Other Nintendo favorites like King K. Rool, Isaac, or the Inklings could join the Smash roster whenever Nintendo likes, but because Banjo and Kazooie are now exclusive to Xbox platforms, they would need a miracle: a message that tells Nintendo that we loyal fans want to see these characters back, and we want it badly enough that it’s worth crossing the lines of competition and collaborating with Microsoft on their inclusion. A miracle like that happening is crazy enough that anyone in their right mind abandoned hope.

But now Nintendo is telling us to vote for whoever we want. They’re giving us a golden opportunity to make our voices heard, and they’re encouraging us to vote for our most beloved choices. They’re listening. The miracle is here, it’s happening, and Nintendo is playing their part. We need to play ours—and we need to play it as hard as we can—because if we let this opportunity to reunite Nintendo with our beloved animal friends slip through our fingers, the Banjo series may never have this moment of hope again. And the blame will no longer lie with Nintendo or Microsoft for shafting these beloved characters and their incredible legacy; it will be our fault.

Whoever you may want to see in Super Smash Bros., consider casting an extra vote for Banjo and Kazooie. Help spread the last-minute push. Tell your friends, your family, or even your enemies to visit the Fighter Ballot and vote for our long-lost pals. If not for you, then do it as a loving favor to your fellow Nintendo fans. Isaac, King K. Rool, and even Shantae will have plenty of chances to join Super Smash Bros. in the future. Banjo and Kazooie only have this one. Let’s make it count.

To help give Banjo and Kazooie the incredible return to glory we’ve so eagerly awaited, cast your votes right here.

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