As the year draws to a close, friends and families are gathering together in celebration in many parts of the world, and many lucky children woke up to video games under the tree yesterday. I personally enjoyed a nice evening of battling my brother in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it got me thinking about gaming memories from Christmases in past years.

One of the best would have to be getting a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 in the late ’90s. Money was tight growing up, so video games were a rare luxury. We had a SEGA Genesis, but we owned few games and had to make do with renting them at the local VHS store on the weekends. Along with my brothers, I was entranced by the sight of those 3D graphics, and we excitedly set out to collect every last star in the game.

What’s the best game you ever received for Christmas? What are some of your fondest Christmas gaming moments? Share your stories in the comments!

Ben Lamoreux


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