Thursday night,
Nintendo fully revealed the Nintendo Switch, their latest in their famed line of video game consoles. But amidst tons of announcements for games, release dates, trailers, and more, some of the biggest stories got drowned out. Today we’re going over five of the most exciting stories you may have missed about the Nintendo Switch.

Street Fighter is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con setup has the dominoes in place to revive two-player gaming to a glory unseen since the days of the Super Nintendo. Taking two mini controllers everywhere the console goes is the perfect way to get one friend on board and pass the time playing bite-size good ol’ two-player experiences like
Bomberman, Puyo Puyo, and Mario Kart‘s battle mode. How fitting it is that all of these experiences will be available on Switch!

But perhaps the most compelling two-player game coming to Switch is
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, a modern reimagining of one of the world’s most beloved two-player fighting games. A lightning-quick clip of Street Fighter was shown off during the presentation’s sizzle reel, but it wasn’t until later that Capcom explained the details.

Street Fighter II is an absolute classic, and this version comes with two different graphics settings for players who like to see modern-day artwork and those who just can’t get enough of that timeless 16-bit fun. If Capcom can find the right low price to convince audiences to double down on a decades-old game, Ultra Street Fighter II could become a sleeper hit that shows the multiplayer power of Nintendo Switch off in public and attracts positive attention from traditionally non-Nintendo gamers.

Free Retro Game Rentals

When Nintendo’s new online system goes live, one of the benefits it brings users will be
a free NES or SNES game rental every month. Many have been scoffing at this offer, saying the free games Nintendo distributes shouldn’t have an expiration date.

The way I see it, they’re not giving us exclusive rights to free games and then clawing them away; they’re offering
rentals, a model long-forgotten next to Blockbuster’s grave. Longtime players get a chance to relive their favorite retro games, while new players get a chance to try all the best games they missed from an era long past. When most of the games from the eighties and nineties can be completed in a few hours, one month is more than enough time to get a full fill of every title they offer. What’s more is they’re adding new online functionality to some SNES games, and we get to enjoy this entire program for free!

…At least for a few months’ time, at which point Nintendo’s online service transitions to a paid subscription model like those of Xbox’s and PlayStation’s.

It’s Got a Multi-Touch Screen

We sort of knew this was coming, but it’s still nice to
get confirmation that Switch’s touch features more resemble those of a modern mobile device than a late-90s Pocket PC.

It Supports 256 GB microSD Cards

Switch’s hard drive sounds measly in comparison to Microsoft and Sony’s offerings at just 32 GB of internal storage, but the good news is it supports
microSDXC cards up to 256 GB.

Those little suckers will likely cost you upwards of $100, and that’s still a small size compared to the internal storage you get
inside Xbox and PlayStation. But if you take into account that Switch games are largely stored on cartridges, which means they likely won’t be installing huge amounts of data the way its competitors’ home console games do, 32 GB should last you at least as long as it did on Wii U, at which point you can get microSD cards at flexible sizes and price points to expand your options as you see fit.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe went largely unmentioned during the Switch Presentation, relegated only to a role as filler footage for sizzle reels. But Nintendo quickly uploaded a trailer for the enhanced Wii U port, revealing additional items, characters, the new Battle Mode the world’s been waiting for, and more.

Best of all, the latest Nintendo characters to break out into kart racing are
Splatoon‘s spunky Inklings, who drive around on karts made of Super Soakers and perform tricks in midair by turning into squids as they fly off ramps.

You can learn more about
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe through various other posts we’ve made on the site. Now let’s hope for some new course reveals. Sky Garden and Wario Colosseum, baby, don’t let me down!

Our Verdict

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