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Women are just as interested in games, comics, anime, and similar pastimes as men, a fact that, at this point, shouldn’t be shocking, right? Earlier in the fall of 2014,
PC Gamer reported on a SuperData study that found that female PC gamers outnumber males. Also, Publisher’s Weekly said that young women, aged 17–33 were the fastest growing demographic boosting the sale of comics.

Apparently what’s still surprising to some, however, is that
attractive women are interested in these pastimes too. Beautiful female celebrities like Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera, and Mila Kunis are all rumored to enjoy sitting down to play a video game, while Rosario Dawson and Deborah Ann Woll are known for curling up with a graphic novel. Some of them just seem to be taking more heat for it lately than others.

Kate Upton’s recent involvement with the mobile game Game of War, for example, has her under fire by some who claim that she’s indirectly furthering the “fake gamer girl” persona—aka women who pretend to like video games, despite never playing them, to obtain positive attention from guys who enjoy them. But Upton shot back at the criticism, saying that she does in fact play the game, and enjoyed her involvement in its creation. During an interview with Adweek, Upton said she loved taking on the role of Athena because, “she’s such a bad-ass character, commanding armies, slaying hydra, charging into battle—the work shows how much fun it is, and I am proud to be part of it.

Maybe Upton isn’t throwing on her headphones and playing
Call of Duty every evening, but she never claimed to be a hardcore gamer either. Just because she’s attractive, and a company chose her (for that reason!) to advertise their game, doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy playing the game herself. There’s no reason why someone’s level of attractiveness should have any influence on their interests. However, according to an article from Forbes, that hasn’t stopped some from strongly believing in an nonexistent disassociation between the two.

Upton isn’t the only one who can attest to the unfair bias. Model and adult actress Nina Mercedez faced similar criticism when she tried incorporating her passion for comic books into her career. Considering she’s known for roles such as the Adam and Eve film The Best Of Everybody Loves Big Boobies and Legendary Latinas, Mercedez’s fondness for comic books isn’t exactly what usually comes to mind with the mention of her name. But Mercedez has been a fan of classic comic books such as X-Men and Conan the Barbarian for over 10 years.

During a podcast with
Synformers, she talked about the difficulties she faced when trying to present herself as a legitimate fan of comic books instead of just a “fake geek girl”—cousin to the “fake gamer girl.” As a woman known more for her looks than anything else, she said that initially it was hard for people to take her seriously in the comic book community. But Mercedez pushed forward anyways, visiting dozens of conventions over the last few years, and running her own booth at each one while donning a handmade costume. Other celebrities of similar stature are welcome to join her during her visits, but only if they’re comic book fans,and they make their own cosplay costumes from scratch.

What’s amusing about the entire situation is that it seems to prove another upside to being beautiful, not a downfall. Being attractive has helped all of the aforementioned celebrities to advance their careers and given them a closer connection to personal hobbies. Sure, maybe they’ve had to deal with some skepticism, but Nina Mercedez isn’t going to stop visiting conventions and Kate Upton isn’t going to delete all of her game apps anytime soon. Why? Because being attractive also probably gave them the wonderful benefit of confidence, meaning they don’t have to give a crap about what other people think.

So if you’re ever feeling perturbed by a certain celebrity claiming to enjoy something you do, just remember that your criticism likely rolls right off their beautifully toned, million-dollar backs.

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