BioWare’s Anthem recently launched to lukewarm reviews, but the online loot shooter might have bigger problems on its hands right now. Over the weekend (and continuing today), there have been countless reports from PlayStation 4 players claiming that Anthem is giving them error messages, booting them to the console’s dashboard, and even crashing the console altogether.

It appears players using both the standard and Pro models of the PlayStation 4 have experienced random crashes that act as though the power cord has been unplugged. One player claims that he continued playing after a crash and another crash followed that completely bricked his console. Although far less frequent, there have also been some reports of Xbox consoles crashing as well.

The official PlayStation Support Twitter page is currently flooded with angry players demanding answers and/or refunds. According to Reddit users, there have been mixed results on the refund front. Some claim the process was simple and painless, while others say their requests were rejected. Kotaku reached out to Sony and EA for a comment on the situation, but neither has replied at this time.

Source: Kotaku

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