It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about the Animal Crossing mobile game, but Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about it. In fact, there was even a whole Nintendo Direct on it tonight, giving us a detailed first look at the long-awaited title. One of the coolest features of Animal Crossing is the ability to decorate your house however you want. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes this aspect and uses it as the basis for its outing onto mobile platforms.

As the name Pocket Camp suggests, you’re tasked with managing and designing your own campsite. Your primary way of getting decorations comes from crafting them using bells or specific materials. Exploring nearby locales nets you more materials and introduces you to new friends whom you can help obtain materials for. Once you have decorations, you can place them in your campsite however you wish. Though the main aspect of Pocket Camp is decorating your campsite, almost everything is customizable to some extent, including your camper and your character.

There are other things you can do besides decorate, too. You can fish, go shopping, or build other amenities like a pool. Pocket Camp seems to encourage exploring new areas to see what you can dig up, and these areas can change in real-time, much as in Animal Crossing itself. There will even be seasonal events and limited time furniture available through post-launch updates.

By doing tasks for your fellow campers, as well as chatting up your newfound pals, you can build up your friendship level with them (how this is a first for Animal Crossing is beyond me). They may even come visit your campsite if you have their favorite furniture! Speaking of friends, if you have real-life friends who also have Pocket Camp, you can exchange IDs with them, allowing you to visit their camp whenever you want. Likewise, your real-life friends can show up at your campsite. S’mores anyone?

As mobile games are so known for having, Pocket Camp contains optional transactions in the form of Leaf Tickets. These tickets can be earned in-game by completing goals or purchased with real money. Leaf Tickets have a variety of uses. First, they can be used to replace any crafting material. Second, they can be used to buy items or gain access to new areas with rare and valuable materials. Lastly, you can spend Leaf Tickets to speed up the construction of amenities, which require large amounts of real-world time to complete.

All in all, much like with Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo appears to be capturing the essence of Animal Crossing with Pocket Camp. Sure, it won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a decent way to kill a bit of time, you may want to consider checking this out. Luckily, we won’t have too long to wait for Pocket Camp—Nintendo revealed that the free-to-play title will launch sometime in late November.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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