If you’re familiar with Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, you’re probably very confused by the above headline. Pachter is famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for his bold predictions in the video game industry, and over the past few years he has been extremely critical of Nintendo’s business decisions.

Recently he offered bleak predictions for Amiibo sales and said there is no place in the market for Nintendo hardware, but today he had some surprisingly positive things to say about the Big N. Microsoft opted to skip out on The Game Awards, but Nintendo took full advantage with a great new look at Zelda U, and even Pachter was impressed.

“Microsoft made a mistake skipping The Game Awards altogether. The awards show was an opportunity to steal a little thunder from PSX, and Nintendo and Reggie seized the opportunity. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to compliment Reggie, as I haven’t had many chances to say what a good job he has done in an otherwise dismal year. Nintendo really stood out with that Zelda announcement.”
— Michael Pachter

Despite not being able to resist the urge to throw in at least one jab at Nintendo, Pachter praised Nintendo’s showing at The Game Awards, and
Zelda U especially stood out.

Source: Venture Beat

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