During their second quarter investor briefing, Nintendo brought up their highly successful Amiibo figurines early on. The quarter ended with figures achieving 21.1 million shipped worldwide, already showing a huge uptick in sales – 10.5 million figures were shipped in the previous fiscal year, but the current one has already seen 10.6 million shipped, 6.4 million of which were during the second quarter. In addition, they noted that the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo have shipped around 400,000 units, and they have shipped 8.6 million Animal Crossing Amiibo cards.

While the Americas have been the fastest region to adopt Amiibo, hosting 66% of their sales in the previous fiscal year, they are starting to gain momentum in other regions as well. America was already familiar and fond of “Toys to Life” figures, but Europe, Japan, and other regions are beginning to understand their appeal now, enough so that the Americas only account for 56% of this fiscal year’s Amiibo sales.

Based off sales data thus far, Nintendo also noted that different regions prefer different Amiibo – Japan is most likely to buy Mario and Splatoon-related Amiibo, while the United States is most likely to buy Zelda-related Amiibo.

You can see the slides that accompanied this information below. What do you think about these details? Does any of it surprise you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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