Earlier this year, Amazon announced that Amazon Prime subscribers can purchase the latest games with an impressive 20% discount, applicable to all preorders and new games up to two weeks after launch. While this gave Americans more incentive to shop online, their Canadian neighbors have been left out of this great deal, on top of gaming up north becoming a costlier luxury with the lowered dollar.

However, that changed as of this morning, with Amazon announcing that this same offer is available at last in the Great White North. Gamers in Canada can now net the latest and upcoming hits such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for $64 compared to the suggested retail price of $80, plus the free shipping Amazon Prime already offers.

If you’re a Canadian and a frequent online shopper for games, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime and take advantage of this incentive starting today. Those attending college or university can also apply to Amazon Student should they wish, where the first six months of Prime are completely free.

Source: Amazon.ca

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