Do you guys remember Guitar Hero, the iconic musical game franchise originally developed by Harmonix but then quickly sold to Activision? Once upon a time these games were very popular, and I can’t deny that they did really well at parties, but ultimately Activision decided it was a good idea to pump out sequels and spin-offs faster than a blue hedgehog can run, bringing down their own franchise by saturating the market in the process. A shame, really, because a company called Virtual Fairground was working on something that could have really lifted up the Guitar Hero franchise to new heights: an MMO called Hero World.

This was to be an MMO connecting
Guitar Hero 7, DJ Hero 3, and more of Activision’s Hero projects all together in an online world. It would let players build their own musical empire, create clubs, and even compose their own songs. But alas, fate was unkind to this project, as it was still in development when Activision put a halt on all Guitar Hero projects in 2011, only to reboot the franchise in 2015. This was far too late to save Virtual Fairground, as they did not get paid in full for their work on Hero World because the project was never finished, which marked the first of many setbacks that ultimately led to their demise.

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Ward Westerink
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