To say that Skylanders has been a successful endeavor can be seen as an understatement; since its creation in 2011, the franchise has managed to surpass $2 billion in sales worldwide. However, company Publishing president and CEO Hirschberg claims that the decision to launch the first title, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, was a risky one, and that what pushed them to release it was the positive reaction they saw from children during playtests.

“We made a sizable gamble on Skylanders too, and I remember back a couple years before it launched, a lot of people were sitting in interviews like this scratching their heads. ‘Why are you getting into the kids genre when other publishers are leaving it or struggling with it, and the Wii’s declining?’ It was hard to find the graph or the chart that made that look like a no-brainer. What made it look like a no-brainer to us was the response it got from kids, watching playtest after playtest of kids putting toys on a portal, bringing them to life in the game, and watching their eyes pop out of their heads.” — Eric Hirshberg

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Source: GamesIndustry International

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