Super Smash Bros. for Wii U took the series to a whole new level of chaos with the addition of 8-Player Smash. Over a year after launch, a Reddit user who goes by Gluetendo has stumbled upon a glitch in 8-Player Smash that gives a single player control over eight characters at once.

The glitch involves scanning Amiibo and unplugging/re-plugging controllers in a specific way eight times. Each time requires the use of a different Amiibo, so you’ll need eight of Nintendo’s collectible figurines to pull it off. You can check out a video of the glitch in action by clicking above, and you’ll find a detailed explanation of how to execute it below.

  • Have 8 amiibo.
  • Use a controller that can “desync” (a GameCube controller preferably).
  • Go to the 8-Player Smash mode.
  • Just move your joystick until the “Player #” or port space pops up.
  • Click the name part of your port until it says “None”.
  • Remove your controller from the port or desync it.
  • Scan your amiibo.
  • Plug everything back in.
  • Move your joystick again and now you will be the Player in the next available space after your scanned amiibo. Nothing out of the ordinary, but trust me, it’s working.
  • Repeat Steps 5-9 until all the Player spaces are filled with the 8 amiibo.
  • Go to the Settings (where Time or Stock and Item rules are). Then simply exit.
  • Enjoy controlling 8 characters simultaneously

Source: Reddit

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