There’s been a lot of uproar in the past couple of years over police departments and their use of aggressive force. Regardless of your stance on these matters, it’s important to remember that police officers are also here to help out in the community. When a young boy in Cleveland, Ohio had his collection of Pokémon cards stolen, that’s exactly what Officer Jimmy Grotenrath did. In fact, Officer Grotenrath went above the call of duty and turned over his own collection to replace some of the missing cards.

Officer Grotenrath was assigned to the case of 9-year-old Bryce and his stolen Pokémon cards. Bryce had been holding his collection when a local boy in his neighborhood snatched them out of his hands. With the help of some of the other neighborhood kids, Grotenrath and his partner were able to track down the culprit’s parents, who then made their son return the cards. Though he had most of his collection back, Bryce became disappointed when he noticed that some cards were still missing. That’s when Officer Grotenrath jumped into action.

Realizing that he had some Pokémon cards at home, Grotenrath pulled out his own collection and went back to Bryce’s house, where the officer bestowed his collection upon the young boy. After his initial shock wore off, Bryce and Grotenrath spent some time admiring his new collection before the policeman left. When asked about his deed, Officer Grotenrath simply played it off as part of his job, saying “Anything we can do to put a smile on a citizens face, is a job well done in our book.”

Source: CNN

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