Despite having been only less than a year since it was first announced, it has felt like a long road to the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Yet, here we are just a few short weeks away from embarking on a new Pokémon journey. As such, it seems all too likely that Game Freak and Nintendo will be making their biggest reveals for the game in the coming days, and it all starts here; the developer and publisher duo have finally revealed (confirmed?) the final starter evolutions in a brand new trailer.

If you have been keeping up with the infamous leak that occurred a few months ago, then you may already know who these Pokémon are. Decidueye was the first to be revealed as the final form of Rowlet. This Pokémon is a Grass/Ghost type, though Ghost may be somewhat of a misnomer. Rather than being dead, Decidueye’s official description seems to imply that the Pokémon is a master of stealth. Decidueye’s signature move is Spirit Shackle, a Ghost-type move that prevents the opponent from switching out or running away.

Incineroar, the Fire/Dark fighter, will be the final form of Litten. As many have speculated based on the leaks, Incineroar appears to be an honorable fighter according to its description. Incineroar’s signature move is called Darkest Lariat, a Dark-type attack that will ignore all stat changes made during the battle. Finally, we have Primarina, the Water/Fairy type that will be the final form of the ever-lovable Popplio. This Pokémon will release “balloons of water” that it can control with the sound waves of its voice according to its description. Primarina’s signature move is Sparking Aria, a water attack that will heal its target’s burn status (though it also still does damage).

It would not be a major Pokémon reveal without a few other surprises as well, and this trailer is full of them. The first of these “extra” reveals is who the other three guardians are: Tapu Lele, the Psychic/Fairy, Tapu Bulu, the Grass/Fairy, and Tapu Fini, the Water/Fairy. All three Pokémon have a “type” Surge ability that will increase their power during battle. In addition, all four Tapu Guardians will share a special Z-Move called “Guardian of Alola.”

Two new Pokémon were also revealed, though one is another part of the previously mentioned leak. The first is Cosmog, a Psychic type that looks like some kind of dream cloud. The other is the Alolan form of Persian, who as we all know by now is a Dark-type redesigned to look somewhat like a Scottish Fold.

Some of the game’s story was also shown off. Specifically, players will be journeying through Alola as the Pokémon League is being established in the region. Not a whole lot was revealed about the league itself, though an event called Battle Tree was shown off that Alolan Champions can take part in. Somewhat similar to the tournament in Black and White 2, players can battle previous main characters from the series. The trailer shows off Cynthia, the champion from Diamond and Pearl, and Wally, the rival from Ruby and Sapphire.

Finally, in perhaps the biggest actual reveal of the trailer, both Red and Blue make a return in Sun and Moon. Both trainers appear as NPCs the players can interact with, though their importance to the overall plot is vague at this point. However, players will be able to battle both of them. Is that not all you really need? As an aside, both characters appear much older than their young counterparts from the original games, possibly indicating where Sun and Moon might fall in the overall continuity.

And that’s it! What do you think of these reveals? Are you excited to revisit old friends in the battle tree? Do you know which starter you will pick now? How do you feel about the new Pokémon, Cosmog? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Official Pokémon Sun and Moon website

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