If you’re like me, you have probably always wondered why there weren’t more emulators for Nintendo’s best console to date, the Virtual Boy. But thanks to fans, it may be possible to play emulated Virtual Boy games using Google Cardboard. In case you don’t know what it is, Google Cardboard is a virtual reality system that uses your smartphone as a processing unit and display, augmenting the visuals so it appears to be 3D. The game shown in the demo video, Wario Land for the Virtual Boy, is currently in development to be fully ported to the emulator. However, it may only be a measure of time before Nintendo catches wind and shuts yet another fan project down.

The current developer of this project explains that emulators have the ability to run Virtual Boy games as well as change the filter on the game’s visuals to make it grey-scale, which is significantly easier on the eyes. His adjustments allow for the games to be played using the Google Cardboard ecosystem, which will allow anyone to enjoy these classic games again.

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Source: YouTube

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