The Hitman series saw a revival a few years back, with Agent 47’s newest, episodic adventures giving rise to numerous clever assassinations and stealthy infiltrations. IO Interactive stated a while back that more Hitman would be coming, and on Monday we got our first teases of that coming true. With a full announcement scheduled for Thursday, June 7th, it’s sounding like Agent 47 is returning to the field once again.

Our first tease was a new teaser trailer posted to the Hitman Twitter account. As you can see for yourself below, the video teaser starts out with a grayed out background, a silhouette, and a message stating, “Target Incoming.” At the bottom of the screen, a fingerprint flashes with the words “Scan for Clearance.” After the fingerprint disappears (presumably because someone tried to scan their way in), a message appears stating “Access Denied // June 7th, 2018.”

As if that wasn’t enough to get everyone stirred up, later that day Wario64 tweeted out a new image discovered within a teaser site set up by WB Games: a Hitman 2 logo. It’s looking like Warner Bros. will be IO’s new publisher for the series going forward.

Are you excited to see Agent 47’s journey to continue? Did you finish Season 1 of Hitman? Sound off in the comments!

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