Since its launch back in September, we’ve seen all kinds of zany Super Mario Maker levels. From the incredibly difficult to ones that play themselves and everything in between, four months later, I’m still surprised at what people can come up with. One thing I never get tired of, however, is when people make levels based on other games. One such level is Goomba Hero by Jeremy. Goomba Hero is modeled after—you guessed it—Guitar Hero, and while it can be confusing at first, is a prime example of how creative people can be.

Loading up the level, you find Mario trapped in a small corridor with no way out. Quickly, Goombas start raining down from above, and if they aren’t taken care of soon, will result in a lost life. This is where the Guitar Hero gameplay comes into play. By hitting one of four blocks as a Goomba lands on it, you defeat the creature. Occasionally Bob-ombs come down on the right, and as they explode, clear a path for more Bob-ombs down the line. If you can keep Mario alive by hitting the appropriate “notes” long enough, eventually the falling Bob-ombs will clear a path to the right, allowing Mario to finally reach the goal.

You can see it in the video above, starting at around 5:15!

Having played this myself, it’s a bit trickier than it sounds, as the Goombas don’t necessarily fall in the same pattern each time. You also need some precise jumping skills, especially when you have to deal with multiple Goombas at once. If you think this sounds like a fun level to play, you can check it out with course code 0E75-0000-0062-35A9! Make sure to leave a star if you like it!

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