Stardew Valley is the latest surprise hit on Steam. In essence, it is a farming/country life RPG that is heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series. Just like in those games, you get to own your own farm while trying to fit in with the other villagers and eventually get married (and in this game, you can even marry a partner of the same gender – take that, Rune Factory and Story of Seasons!). Of course, you can also have animals on your farm, such as cows, chickens, dogs, and horses; but wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of those animals, you could have Pokémon? This must be what went through the heads of a certain group of modders, as they have united on Pokédew Valley to gather mods that turn these animals into Pokémon, and so far there are quite a bit of those.

You can already change your horse into a Ponyta, your dog into a Growlithe, and your cow into a Miltank. But the modders went further than just changing the textures of the farm animals, as they have also changed the textures of some enemies that appear in the mining cave into Digletts and Zubats. Take a look at the gallery below for some pictures of these mods, and head over
here if you’re interested in purchasing Stardew Valley!

Source: Kotaku

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