When it comes to mobile gaming, there are certainly some great games out there. However, one must be careful when perusing whatever marketplace you use, as there are often a number of knockoff apps in addition to the one you want. Such was the case with Pocket Monster Saga, a Pokémon ripoff that somehow made it past Apple’s approval process. Most knockoffs tend to be similar to the game they’re borrowing from providing their own story or lore. However, in the case of Pocket Monster Saga, no attempt was made to hide the connection.

For starters, we have the name. Pocket Monster Saga is clearly a reference to Pokémon, whose name is short for Pocket Monsters. Pocket Monster Saga was developed by DNA, also serving as a reference to DeNA, Nintendo’s partner in the mobile market. The most blatant rip-off though, is in the app’s assets. The monster and character designs are lifted straight from Pokémon, even going going so far as to keep the same names.

Though the description of Pocket Monster Saga does not mention any reference to Pokémon, it’s clear that the app itself is meant to confuse consumers into thinking they’re playing a Nintendo game. Between the art assets, character names, and even the developer’s name, it could easily catch an unsuspecting gamer off their guard. All hope is not lost, however. It appears as though the app has since been removed from Apple’s App Store.

Source: US Gamer

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