The Game Boy was a staple in every family household in the 1990’s. Whether you stayed up all night to beat that one final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening or you attempted to catch the elusive Moltres in Pokémon Red Version, everyone has that one childhood memory they remember and hold dear. In a recent tweet by a fellow Game Boy owner, this talented fan transformed their Game Boy into a clock.

The clock’s background features a scene from a Super Mario Bros. game with Mario as the little hand and a Goomba as the big hand. While I would never gut my own Game Boy for the sake of telling time, I certainly admire their talent. What do you think of the Game Boy clock? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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Marcin Gulik
Been a gamer all my life (well, most of it.... at least until I gained consciousness) Studied Sociology and Criminology in college, and traveled for a bit. I love adventure!


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