1999 was a milestone year for SEGA: their swan song Dreamcast console launched internationally to widespread acclaim in the Fall, with Sonic Adventure at the forefront as a launch title. The blue blur’s formal 3D debut saw the return of classic-era gameplay and introduced a dynamic new art style, adorable creatures called Chao, and most importantly, Big the Cat, among other elements.

In that time, SEGA Dreamcast owners could access the Internet and interact with the inserted game’s website. For the most part, these naturally do not last for long past a given game’s shelf life, but in the case of
Sonic Adventure, its classic website is back, thanks to a dedicated fan who purchased the original domain and restored it to its former glory.

Take a step back in time and get a load of the
Sonic Adventure website in all of its retro splendor by clicking here, and be sure to give us your thoughts on its return in the comments section below!

Source: The Sonic Stadium (1, 2)

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