Star Fox Zero, the first completely new title in the franchise (even if it does borrow heavily from Star Fox 64 and others) in a decade, launched on Wii U earlier this year. Co-developed by Nintendo and the talented team at Platinum Games, fans had high hopes for Star Fox Zero and the revival of the dormant franchise, but the game launched to mixed reviews.

Dylan Cuthbert, a developer and programmer who worked closely with Nintendo to bring the original
Star Fox to life, recently held an Ask Me Anything segment with fans on Reddit. When asked about Star Fox Zero, Cuthbert had some positive things to say in support of Platinum Games.

Question: What is your opinion on Star Fox Zero? Did the “chicken mode” work as well as you hoped it would have in star fox 2?

Cuthbert: I think Platinum did the best with what they were given. That franchise is very difficult to work on and innovate with because people expect/want it to be better than their nostalgia for the game and that’s a tall order. The walker mode was close to what we had in the original but of course no one had made a 3D platformer at that point so the StarFox 2 controls are a little odd. Nowadays there are common mappings and better game camera paradigms. A lot of the platform experiments we did were taken directly into Mario 64 by Miyamoto.

If you picked up a copy of Star Fox Zero, were you satisfied with the experience, or did you feel let down by Nintendo and Platinum? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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