Over the past couple of days, many websites have reported on a mysterious countdown timer that would reveal a supposed revival of the SEGA Dreamcast. However, while it seems this rumor has some merit, it is not being done by SEGA – instead, the idea of a Dreamcast revival of is being put forward by a team of fans calling themselves “Project Dream.” Many have been confused by this, but Project Dream member Patrick Lawsen spoke with The Gaming Ground and clarified things.

“Yes. That is not DC2. This is a campaign for SEGA to return to hardware and eventually MAKE a Dreamcast 2.”
— Patrick Lawsen

This isn’t completely a pipe dream, either, as Lawsen revealed that they have an intern from SEGA of Japan and an independent OEM designer who have already volunteered to help with the creation of this new hardware, should SEGA approve the proposal.

As for Project Dream’s campaign and the countdown, this was expanded upon in a recent post from founder Ben Plato, which clarified a number of misconceptions.

Petition update

A clearer understanding

23 Dec 2015 — Dear all, there has been a few misconceptions following some misleading information regarding the campaign.

Let me make this clear:

1. We are petitioning Sega and want as many signatures as possible.

2. When we hit a satisfied number of signatures, we will put forth a detailed proposal to Sega (Japan) along with plans, desings etc.

3. We have a developer on board willing to build the console providing Sega give the green light.

4. The console is intended to be a Hybrid PC Dreamcast system with updated specs and the ability to redraw games in High Definition.

5. If Sega don’t like our proposal, we are planning to push forth and create a machine capable of doing so, however that will require crowd funding.

6. There are other interested parties and we are in ongoing discussion with them and exploring many avenues.

7. The console is yet be named and is not planned to be called “Ring Edge or Ring Zero”

From the team at Project Dream, we thank you for understanding and urge you to please be patient. We are happy to hear your ideas for a new and improved machine.

https://www.change.org/p/sega-of-america-to-desi…/u/14711342 — Ben Plato

It is highly unlikely that SEGA will ever return to the hardware business, so I am not sure if this petition will accomplish anything. As of this article, SEGA has not commented on Project Dream.

Source: Change.org, The Gaming Ground

Our Verdict

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