When word of the second coming of Sonic Mania broke at SXSW, fans were left in a tizzy with much to look forward to in the coming months. A series of animated shorts were revealed, but the big reveal was the game’s expanded relaunch that sees the addition of Encore Mode and the return of missing-in-action classic Sonic characters.

Much like the animated trailers before, a new one for Sonic Mania Plus dropped today, showing SEGASonic arcade alumni Ray the Flying Squirrel and Knuckles Chaotix veteran Mighty the Armadillo in action for the first time. Mighty looks to be able to bounce right down with the earthquaking Hammer Drop, and Ray’s unique flying ability looks to be inspired by the Cape Feather from Super Mario World.

The above teaser, which features a “Time Trials Plus” remix by Hyper Potions and Jun Senoue, confirms a July 17th release date for North America and Europe; the Plus expansion launches in Japan on July 19th. To existing Mania owners, the “Encore Mode Pack” will only cost $4.99 USD.

The summer rerelease of the game will also bring a long-awaited physical version, four player Competition mode, and the free update to the base game that adds missing cutscenes and a new boss. Preliminary Famitsu scans also seem to show Angel Island Zone, originally from Sonic 3 & Knuckles and featured in Mania‘s opening scene, as a playable stage in Encore Mode. You can check that out in the gallery below!

In related news, Sonic Mania is confirmed to have sold over a million copies, and the second episode of Sonic Mania Adventures is set to hit the Internet next week. The first episode aired on YouTube and the Sonic social channels in late March, and it has broken two million views at the time of writing.

Source: SEGA PR

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