At E3 last year, Ubisoft showed off a new pirate-themed game called Skull & Bones. Taking obvious and heavy inspiration from the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag‘s lauded ship-based missions, this was one of the more intriguing new games last year and was in need of more explanation. Thankfully Ubisoft came prepared this year.

The biggest question about Skull and Bones last year was “what can you and your crew do?” Well, you’ll be able to customize your ship and choose the proper one for your crew, the job you’re doing, and the equipment that you have. You can disguise your ship to sneak past enemy forts and, of course, engage in ship-to-ship combat. Different ships even have different unique abilities, as well as the ability to deal critical hits. Once you sidle up to an enemy ship, you can board it to steal loot, which looks to be randomized, as the example in the gameplay footage referred to it as a “Legendary Chest.”

Skull & Bones holds a world that will always be evolving and reacting to what the player does. You’ll even be able to invite other captains to help take down powerful ships.

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Source: Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Conference

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